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KOLBUS Magnet inserter BLM 500

To make boxes with sophisticated magnetic closures, the magnet inserter automatically mills the blind holes for the magnets, applies the glue and inserts the magnets or steel studs.

With magnetic closures you get the reassurance of a soft, but clearly audible, clunk as the magnets connect. It's especially impressive with high-end, reclosable luxury packaging.

  • Fewer process steps – no separate hole punching, no extra label application
  • Lower material costs with steel studs
  • Perfectly laminated layers over magnets/studs so no blemishes on box cover


  • Gluing station with nozzle system and integrated premelter
  • Separation from magnet hopper
  • Feeder system for up to 4 magnets or steel studs
  • Simple adjustment for format changes
  • Milling station

Magnet inserter BLM 500 inline with lining unit SA 260
Magnet inserter BLM 800 for larger formats