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KOLBUS Signature Stacker LS 100

The Signature Stacker LS 100 produce stacks, consisting of folded signatures, which will be connected by pre-gluing process to book blocks or book block stacks.


  • Precise cycled reject unit of single sheets and/or defined sheet groups (e.g. content of a complete book block)
  • Reduction of cleaning efforts in case of jam at following processes by diversion of the entire product stream – thus, the web folder and the upstream printing machine does not need to stops or have waiting times
  • Incorrect book blocks or book block stacks will be recognize and rejected in the following process


  • Minimal application of cold glue by precise positioning of gluing near the joint in the area of head and tail cut
  • No additional material/ paper width needed in head and tail cutting area due to pre-gluing
  • Flexible stacking patterns selectable 
  • Reliable identification of book block start and end points
  • Save production tracking from WF 100 through LS 100

Recommended combinations with perfect binders